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High Flow Air Filter Adapter Kits for Dodge

Designed to increase air flow, COSMO air filter adapter kits can be directly bolted on without any modification. Simply replace your factory airbox with the adapter and high flow rechargeable cone filter.

Brand: DODGE Model: ADDCO889215
*Fits ONLY on Colt 1988-1992 1.5L/ 1.6L, with 2WD/ 4WD/ Wagon/Sedan models.** Check the short ram intake section, we have kit with intake pipe...
Brand: DODGE Model: ADDCO18
* Fits ONLY on Colt 1993-2002 1.8L models...
Brand: DODGE Model: ADCON8389
*Fits ONLY on Dodge Conquest 1983-1989 2.6L Turbo G54B engine models...
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