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Oil Cooler

Increased oil temperature will cause a pressure drop and decrease the oil's ability to protect your engine. 

COSMO Racing Oil Cooler will increase your engine's response and improve gas mileage by effectively maintain oil temperatures. The High-grade, high-heat aluminum tubes & end-tanks allow more oil to bypass and cool efficiently and resulting in 30-35% of better cooling improvement. The technology is based on knowledge gained from actual racing experience. It is not only measurable on the racing course but noticeable in real world driving as well. 

Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: OCOL14528
Universal engine OIL COOLER kit; designed to fit on to all Japanese Spec cars (Acura, Honda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, etc.)* The Kit can also be used as Performance Automatic Transmission OIL Cooler.  The kit comes with the following items:  - 1x Oil cooler (Core size H 5" x L..
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