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FPR Fuel Pressure Regulator

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Range Regulators 
Increase your car's fuel flow potential!

The 3 essential elements of engine power are AIR (air intake system upgrade), FUEL (fuel regulator upgrade), SPARK (spark plugs, wires, & fire timing upgrades).

Key to effective fuel management is maintaining consistent fuel flow. In situations where a car is subject to sudden fuel loads (such as hard acceleration from a low rpm point or shifting through gears), the stock fuel pressure unit cannot provide a consistent flow, resulting in running lean and loss of performance.

Thus, upgrading the fuel pressure unit is especially useful for three applications:
1. The factory turbo/supercharger car when the stock boost pressure is increased.
2. An aftermarket turbo/supercharger system applied to an EFI equipped car.
3. A normally aspirated EFI car with modifications that increase the air flow.

COSMO Racing Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator can provide precise and consistent fuel flow with boosts up to as much as twice the stock unit provides. With this unit, you can adjust from 20 psi to 80psi, or as much as your fuel pump can sustain

Professional installation is recommended for this product. The CosmoRacing Fuel Pressure Regulator is a direct replacement for the stock unit and comes complete with all necessary hardware, and step-by-step instructions. Technical support is available by email or phone.