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COSMO RACING Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator for Kia

Beware - Recently a lot of overseas manufacturers have been flooding the market with sub-standard regulators that look a lot like COSMO Racing's Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator. But that's where the similarity ends. More importantly, these weak, imprecise and unreliable knock-off regulators can potentially cause serious damage to your engine, by running it too lean. Protect yourself, and make sure that you are buying a genuine COSMO Racing Precision Sport Fuel Regulator. The money you saved on the cheap knock-off will be short-lived when you're replacing your engine.

KIA 1994-1995 1.6L SOHC/ DOHC
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Brand: KIA Model: PKIA9495-FR
* Fits on Kia 1994-1995, with 1.6L SOHC/ DOHC engine models..
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