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Lightweight/ Underdrive Crank Pulley

Racing Light weight Under drive Crank Pulleys

COSMO Racing Lightweight Crank Pulley increases engine power because it underdrives all the accessories 20% more power. This means power steering, air conditioning and alternator are on crank pulley and brings more power back to the wheels by not letting the accessories rob as much power. It also reduces weight in rotating and reciprocating parts anywhere along the drivetrain. It is effectively worth many times their weight in reducing inertial power loss. The power gained by speeding up the revolution of the crankshaft. 

Beware- Recently a lot of overseas manufacturers have been flooding the market with sub-standard underdrive crank pulley that look a lot like COSMORacing's. But that's where the similarity ends. More importantly, these weak, imprecise and unreliable knock-off pulley can potentially cause serious damage. Protect yourself and confirm that you are buying a genuine COSMORacing Precision Lightweight Underdrive crank Pulley. The money you saved on the cheap knock-off will be short-lived when you're replacing your engine and drivetrain.