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COSMO RACING PERFORMANCE Lightweight Underdrive Pulley for DODGE

T-6061 Aircraft Lightweight Billet Aluminum constructed & harden anodized

Direct bolt on part in replacing with stock pulley; different size belt(s) will be needed in order to complete the installation . You will be supplied with all necessary belt size(s) info in instruction sheet*, and personal assistance from our tech support to guide you through any problems!

Note: Installation for the underdrive crank pulley is not as plug and play part and it requires DIY, special wrench tools, and mechanism level knowledge. However, professional installation is recommended for those with no mechanical knowledge. *Instruction sheet might not be available for some models, please check and inquire the instruction availability on each product info. 

Brand: DODGE Model: PAVEN950020
* Fits ONLY on AVENGER 1995-2000 2.0L (420A ENGINE) models...
Brand: DODGE Model: PCARV960324
* Fits on ALL Caravan 1996-2003 2.4L 4cyls models...
Brand: DODGE Model: DC919424-LP
* Fits ONLY on Colt 1991-1994 2.4L non Turbo (4g64 engine) models...
DODGE NEON 1995-1999 2.0L R/T SOHC/ DOHC
Out Of Stock
Brand: DODGE Model: PN9599S
* Fits on ALL NEON 1995-1999 2.0L SOHC/ DOHC models...
Brand: DODGE Model: PN0005
* Fits on ALL NEON 2000-2005 SOHC/ DOHC 2.0L models...
Brand: DODGE Model: PN0305T
* Fits on ALL DODGE NEON SRT-4 2003-2005 TURBO models...
Brand: DODGE Model: MSTE9296-LP
* Fits ONLY on STEALTH 1992-1996 3.0L DOHC N/A/ TURBO (6G72 ENGINE) models.** NOTE: CANNOT fit on 1991-1992 models, Power Steering with "V" groove belt; when placing the order, please verify your model. ..
Brand: DODGE Model: PSTRA95
* Fits ONLY on Stratus 1995 2.0L SOHC models...
Brand: DODGE Model: PSTRA950024
* Fits on ALL Stratus 1995-2000 2.4L 4cyls models...
Brand: DODGE Model: PSTRA960024
* Fits on ALL Stratus 1996-2000 2.0L 4cyls...
Brand: DODGE Model: PSTRA010324S
* Fits on ALL Stratus 2001-2003 2.4L 4cyls Sedan models.** CANNOT fit on coupe models..
Brand: DODGE Model: MSTS010530-LP
* Fits ONLY on Stratus 2001-2005 3.0L DOHC V6, Base & R/T models...
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