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Sport Short Shifter

Racing Sport Short Shifters

COSMO Racing Sport Short Shifter Kit requires no changes to your transmission, but it will make gear selection feel more precise and predictable. It provides quicker shifting response by reducing the throw up to 60% (depends on model).

Designed for street and track use. The computer design and testing on power leverage by changing each individual shifter mechanism and linkages without compromising its shifting smoothly.


Beware- Recently a lot of overseas manufacturers have been flooding the market with sub-standard shifters that look a lot like COSMORacing's. But that's where the similarity ends. More importantly, these weak, imprecise and unreliable knock-off shifters can potentially cause serious damage. Protect yourself and confirm that you are buying a genuine COSMORacing Precision Sport Shifter. The money you saved on the cheap knock-off will be short-lived when you're replacing your transmission.