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Howell Desi posted 20/12/2020
Howell Desi

I bought 2010 Subaru impreza air intake none turbo. I am very happy and the quality of the product and the accurate web site info. Definitely I will give more business.

Papas posted 26/11/2019

Bought a Subaru Forrester induction delivery was impressively quick to Australia, and looks great..Thank you for the great service.

Sufian Zaini posted 13/11/2019
Sufian Zaini

Ordered a set of High Performance Ignition Coils for the BMW E60 M54 , delivered by DHL all the way to Southeast Asia.
Received and immediately inspect the item, as described. Then went to install the ignition coils, and solved the issue on the BMW. The engine responded very well and more power as expected.

Communication is very good. Sales service is also very good. Price is worth it.
Thank you very much.

MDM posted 09/10/2019

I just added a cold air intake to our Subaru Baja. I didn't expect much, but I was hoping for just a 'little' more power climbing some of the hills around here. The difference was far more dramatic than I had expected. The shift points have changed significantly. Thank you for making such an impactful product.

R J_P2008 posted 27/09/2019
R J_P2008

I bought my cold intake for my subie a month ago & the sound is freaking awesome.

Adam Chorzempa posted 06/10/2017
Adam Chorzempa

Cosmo Racing did do a great job in designing this shifter.
The shifter quality is what I expected. The shifter knob size is spot on. The height of the shifter and length of the throws are perfect. The kit also includes the solid shifter bushings as well. Those "bushings" are milled aluminum and fit perfectly with no slop while installed.

Purchased: Short shifter Kit
Location: Elkhart, IN
Car: 2018 Hyundai elantra sport 1.6l

JessePSK posted 01/04/2016

Ok, my cosmo racing coils arrived in less then 2 days after ordering them. I installed them today and just went out for some WOT pulls. Yay!!! No more misfires, my car pulled like a freight train. Im incredibly pleased with their performance and just thrilled to have my car running properly again for a relatively inexpensive price.

Purchased: High Power Performance Ignition Coils SUBARU

EJ20IMPREZAREX posted 03/10/2015

great quality coils for a great price they even have cosmo racing laser etched on them where the stock ones would say diamond. Ok with my stock coils running 20psi and 11.2 afr It would stutter and misfire if I didn't gap my plugs to .028 and with these coil packs I have my plugs gapped to .040 with no misfires and I made more power through the whole power band.

Purchased: High Power Performance Ignition Coils SUBARU
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Vehicle: 2004 E85 VF37 WRX

isvoboda posted 25/08/2015

I just installed my Intake System today and it is amazing ! I accelerate faster, it sounds louder, and my RPM run lower which means better gas mileage. It was totally worth the $180 for the system and a waterproof filter sock !

Purchased" Cold Air Intake System
Car: 2007 Pontiac Vibe

joesubierex posted 26/05/2015

"I bought my self a set and threw them on today easy install. Install time about 45min. Turned the key car idles alot nicer now no issues.."

Purchased: High Power Performance Ignition Coils SUBARU
Location: Westminster/Garden grove
Vehicle: 02 wrx wagon

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